Two years ago, while I was in prison, I would make du’ā’ for a number of individuals by name, especially those who prayed for me, wrote to me, visited me, or supported my family.

But there were three brothers I used to make du’ā’ for the most. They were looking at potentially spending a lot of time behind bars – between 30 years to life. And each one of those brothers would say they were completely innocent of what they were accused of doing.

Despite their situation looking pretty “hopeless”, I used to make a lot of du’ā’ for them, hoping that due to the situation I was in (my being in prison), my du’ā’ would get answered, while bearing in mind that Allāh is Al-Qadīr – Capable of all things.

Approximately a year later, one of those brothers was freed, al-ḥamdu lillāh. A couple of months later, another one of the brothers was freed, al-ḥamdu lillāh. And a few days before this Ramaḍān just gone, the last of those three brothers was freed. All praise is for Allāh! They are all now back at home, living with their respective families.


1) Sometimes it takes years for one’s du’ā’ to be answered. Never lose hope and be patient.

2) Make use of the special times and circumstances (according to the Sunnah) during which du’ā’ is answered.

3) Have no doubt that Allāh will answer your du’ā’. He is, after all, Samī’ ad-Du’ā’ (the Hearer of prayer).

4) Be sincere in your du’ā’, abandon sins, and avoid the things which prevent one’s du’ā’ being answered.

5) If you know of anyone who has been oppressed or wrongfully imprisoned, ask them to make du’ā’ for you, because there is no ḥijāb (barrier) between them and Allāh.

Posted on Facebook in July 2016


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