There are many books available in English written on the life (sīrah) of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, such as:

▪ The Sealed Nectar by al-Mubarakpuri
▪ The Noble Life of the Prophet by al-Sallaabee
▪ Abridged Biography of Prophet Muhammad by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab

However, if you’ve never read a book on the Prophet’s life ﷺ or if you’ve found some books too long or overwhelming, try starting with this one written by Imām al-Nawawī (may Allāh have mercy on him).

Excluding the introduction and appendices, the book comprises only 70 pages. It’s short and to the point, making it ideal for someone who’s new to the Dīn. Not only does it summarise the Prophet’s life, but it also includes chapters on his manners, description and characteristics.

Reading a short book like this will, in-shā’ Allah, intrigue you, increase your thirst and make you want to read something more in-depth on the Prophet’s life.


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