Da’wah: To whom should I give priority?

Da’wah: To whom should I give priority?

Begin with yourself before your family members and anybody else… Allāh said:

“O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones…” Translated Meaning of Qur’ān (66:6)

Then, attend to your wife, before your neighbour and your companion, so that she can help you in bringing up the children.

Before you give da’wah to your cousins, give da’wah to your brother’s children, yet give da’wah to your cousins before giving da’wah to your companions – and carry on in this manner.

Why is preference to be given to your own children before, for example, your brother’s children? Once you are under the earth’s surface (i.e. in your grave), your children, your brother’s children, and your beloved ones will all feel great sorrow for your absence. But as days go by, forgetfulness has to affect them, except your children, for they will be praying to Allāh for you every day, rather many times in a day, rather in many of their prostrations. You will still be receiving good deeds while in your grave – how?

The Messenger ﷺ made it clear for us when he said:

“When a person dies, all of his actions discontinue except three: a recurring charity, or knowledge that is being benefitted from, or a righteous son that prays for him.”

Yet it is surprising to see some propagators of Islām, rather many of them, unfortunately being very active with great strength in giving da’wah to the people, but their women and their children are in a condition that they themselves are not pleased with, so which of the people have more priority to be given attention, education and da’wah?

Taken from the book: Adorning Knowledge with Actions